Cleansing Foods + Herbs

Eating cleansing foods with the addition of nutritional and cleansing herbs can help us literally shed unwanted baggage. However that looks like, whether it is just weight, or actually gunk inside of us that is weighing us down. Anyone that has done a cleanse knows that they feel lighter afterwards. 

 When we give our bodies a break from the sometimes no so nice things we put it in, our body goes through a reset and will begin working how it naturally is supposed to. Our digestion will function better, usually skin will clear up, and by eating the right foods for a period of time, it'll start reversing diseases. 

This lightening of the load isn't purely physical. When we cleanse our bodies, we are cleansing our spirits and our minds too. As we rid our bodies of some of the dis-eases we carry, we are making space to have a deeper connection with spirit. It is no surprise that when some people fast that they gain some amazing insights into their life, and life in general. This has happened to me personally. I have a post about fasting come up this week. 

I have a lot of favourite herbs and foods for cleansing but I will list a few below.


Cleansing Herbs:

Burdock Root

Dandelion Root

Nettle Leaf

Milk Thistle

Yellow Dock Root

Dandelion Leaf

Schizandra berry

Turmeric Root

( You can find some of these herbs in a few of my blends over in the SHOP )

Cleansing Foods:

(Most fruits and vegetables have some cleansing properties. This is why having an array of veggies and fruit in our diet will prevent sickness, and promote health.)  Here are a few of my favourites:











Everything is a journey. Don't expect so much or yourself, and like what I mentioned on my post on Creating Healthy Habits, take baby steps. Awareness always comes first, so when you start seeing that you really don't put the best foods into your body, leave the judgement behind. See it as your spirit showing you places where you can tone up. Nothing more. What I like to tell people is, in your first week do one food swap. If you eat a lot of white pasta, maybe instead add in gluten free rice pasta WITH Greens. It doesn't have to be difficult. Good luck!