Anyone that is on my mailing list(if your not, sign up HERE) just read on my Full Moon newsletter about how Full Moons are the perfect time to shed. With that energy still kicking around I wanted to bring shedding to the awareness of all of you. Do you ever look back five years ago and think Wow, I have come so far. As we continue to grow, we delayer ourselves and literally and metaphorically give birth to new selves. This is a process of shedding our skins(selves) we grow out of. 

As we commit to our personal rituals, learn our cycles and stay pure with our intentions we grow in beautiful ways and begin to see parts of ourself that we need to let go of. By letting go of these aspects of ourselves we make space for a new self to emerge. Sometimes it feels like the worst thing in the world to fully let go of an old self. Our ego tries to fight for it's life, because in a way, it is, shedding is like a death to an old self. But it is not only a death, it is a birth. A metamorphosis. A caterpillar to butterfly kind of transformation. This is shedding. 

We all intuitively know when it is time to shed. It's a time when life feels like it has to be forced, a time when the things we've always done don't work anymore, a time where it feels as if the 'flow' doesn't even exist. Though at these times we have less motivation and inspiration, these times are major catalysts for growth. 

 Usually when we shed, it'll be because we've been asking for it, either consciously or subconsciously.  When I know I am going through a death(shedding), I know it's because my practices are working.  Part of the reason why we do these practices is so we can shed the sides of ourselves that hold us back. The mindsets, attitudes and bad habits. 

The fun part is we are never done shedding. There really is no "destination" for our healing. Our healing journey will always continue. It is not linear. We will come back to old lessons, and learn them with a new consciousness. That is what shedding does, it allows us to see the world with new eyes, new consciousness as a new us.