How to Hear the Soul

Yesterdays post touched on how aligning with the soul can help open up space for immense transformation. Today I want to touch on how to know what that feels, sounds, and looks like. 

Listening to the soul takes practice and discipline. The way we hear isn't purely just with our ears. The soul speaks in many forms. For me, personally, it has been through body sensations, experiences in nature, through journeying/meditation, and writing. The soul will begin to speak the moment we are ready to listen. If we are constantly distracting ourselves from hearing our inner truths, they will never bubble to the surface. I find nature to be the easiest way to quiet my mind. I love to lay on the ground, in a peaceful meadow, listen to the breeze and hear the words whispering in the air. Everything is always speaking. The Soul's messages can be found wherever we go. It is about learning to listen and see the wisdom in the places that are so close, and "mundane."

One practice I like to do is go for a walk in nature with a very clear head/heart space. A meditation beforehand, or right when you begin the walk is perfect. During the walk I observe everything to be speaking to me. Knowing and trusting  this is truth. I allow my mind to be aware of every brush of a leaf, every wind gust, and movement of water. I trust that these movements are a language. I trust that each sound, movement, and bristle are whispering quiet words into my soul, teaching me lessons, connecting me to the something much larger. And it does. I leave with a deeper understanding of my interconnectedness to all things, to myself, and my soul. I leave with lessons of the Nature, and a deeper friendship with mother Earth. 

The soul lives in all things. Each thing has a soul. When we tune in and listen from our soul, we can hear and learn lessons from a larger standpoint, and deeper perspective than if we try to learn them from our ego-mindset. Again, learning to listen to the soul takes practices, but ultimately it comes down to mindfulness, being present, and listening to the wisdom that flows in during that space. You will know when the soul is speaking because of the feeling inside of your body, it's different than the way we usually feel. Also, the thoughts(downloads) that come through when we are connected to soul will be much different than our regular, everyday thoughts. They could be huge realizations, revelations, or tidbits of wisdom we need to hear in that moment. 

Take some quiet time this week and converse with your soul, tell me what you learn!