~Pine Tea: Embracing the Darkest time of the Year

Firstly, Happy New Year everyone, I hope you all set some nice intentions, and let go of what needed to go. I know I have and I'm ready to ground down and be diligent towards my truth and purpose. 

After an unexpected and extended break from the blog I'm back to share some awesomeness that i've been physically and mentally gathering this past month. One thing being PINE. Our forest floors here in Canada are feet deep in snow now and the plants in hibernation. Only few medicines are calling to us throughout the winter, with tree medicine being the most potent. 

The darkest time of the year can bring us down easily if we don't make extra efforts to connect with the natural world. I find making a priority, and discipline of getting outside mandatory or I get into a cycle of forgetfulness. Snowshoeing up a trail to find beautiful pine trees, collecting a few lovely ferns, and gathering some dead branches for art pieces are some of the most fulfilling ways to embrace winter. By taking the magic of Earth back into our homes via tea, art, or home decor allows us to live alongside the true wisdom and lessons of what that plant has to offer. This is an especially healing practice to help embrace the darkest time of the year. Reminding us to not forget our interconnectedness with nature. With that being said, let me share with you a Pine Tea recipe, since pine is so readily available, at least where I am from, why not connect with the sacred medicine:


~1 Handful Pine Needles

~1 Tbs Goji Berries

~1 Tsp Mullein Leaf

~Raw Honey to Taste


~Boil 3 Cups of filtered water in a smaller size pot

~When water boils, add pine needles, goji berries and mullein

~Boil for 15 minutes, and let simmer

~Add honey when water is not so hot, making sure not to destroy healing enzymes. 




~Immune Booster (pine is full of vitamin C)

~Aid in healing and preventing respiratory sicknesses; Sore Throat, Coughs, and Asthma

~Improves Circulation

~Keeps pigemnt in skin(Vitamin A: helps eliminate free radicals)

~Improves Vision

~so much more.

(not for pregnant women) 


~Enjoy your tea. And I promise to have lots of new posts all 2016, XOXO. Emily