Lemon Water

Do any of you have that one thing you do first thing when you wake? Me too, Lemon Water. I don't even have to think about it anymore. Drinking lemon water first thing activates me on so many levels, and I always have a little water ceremony/meditation along with it.  

So why drink lemon water? And why drink it first thing?:

Lemon Water Benefits

~Helps Digestion: Lemon naturally goes into the body and helps loosen up and encourages production of bile and pushes toxins out. Having this first thing in the morning helps keep the digestive fire burning all day. 

~Vitamin C: An essential nutrient in making sure immune deficiencies are at an all time low. 

~Immune Boosting: Vitamin C is a natural immune booster; By drinking lemon water in the morning, with nothing else in our stomach, we absorb the nutrients efficiently. 

~Flushes Toxins Naturally: If you need a quick, natural and efficient way of releasing built up toxins, drink extra lemon water. 

~Cleanses the System: Lemon water stimulates the liver, which is the organ which processes all of our toxins, resulting in cleansing effects.

~Freshens the Breath: Lemon water relieves toothaches and gingivitis sometimes. The citric acid can erode tooth enamel though.

~Clear Skin: Our skin is clear when we are clear on the insides. As lemon is a natural detoxifier, we will result in clearer skin the more we drink lemon water on a consistent basis.

~Helps Maintain a Balanced pH levels in Body: Many would believe it would be as acidic in the body as it is outside but nope, once lemon enters the body it becomes alkaline and balances our pH to a healthy balance.

~And so much more..

I've been doing this consistently for roughly a year and a half now and I am always reaping the benefits. I look forward to it, and let's be honest, it tastes a lot better than water on its own. If your like me and put the lemons directly in the water, then choosing organic is the best option. 

I hope you  get into this habit and see how it works for you body, ENJOY, xo.