Spring Water Ceremony~ Reconnection

Water makes up 75% of our body. We can live for around 30-40 days without food, 3 days without water, and only 8 minutes without air. All of which are being polluted more and more every second. Our daily lives are not ritualized around that which keeps us alive, for we take living for granted these days. Many of us too busy to stop, and take one moment of wonder just to realize the greatness of our own BEING. Who knew the magic that water provides when you speak to it, give thanks to it. Water is the blood of the Earth, literally. Water is our most basic of resources, giving life to all. Only in modern times do we see water as something mundane, not the sacred being it truly is. (Maybe because we don't even see ourselves as sacred anymore).

For those of you who don't know, Our city waters are dangerous and harmful to our health. I have given up drinking normal tap water from cities because of how unnatural it is to my body. The poor water is pumped(injected) with toxins such as chlorine and fluoride which cause our bodies, especially our brains and pineal gland to get foggy. There are a million reasons why to not have these horrible substance is our water, but HERE are a few.


I love water. I start everyday with a water, meditation ritual. Water listens to us and our intentions. A book by the late Dr. Emoto speaks of how water forms crystalline structures to high vibrational feelings of Love, and forms awkward unbalanced structures when feelings of hate are projected. Here are a few tips to reconnect with your water:

~Take a moment to say hello, and thank it.

~Try to use well water, filtered water, or natural spring water. Again always taking with gratitude and intention.

~Create a water ritual each day. Make water an important aspect of your day, a priority. 

~Drink water MORE.

~Pray for the water. 

~Allow the water to heal you.

~Anytime you go into water, like the shower, beach or tub feel the waters spirit blessing you all over. You are literally being cradled in a sacred substance. 

~Share your water, and water rituals with others.

~Have water ceremonies. 

~Give the water offerings. I love placing clear quartz crystals in the spring that I go to, in honour of my appreciation. 


I love creating water ceremonies when I go collect spring water. It feels so natural to give thanks, set intentions and pray with and for the water. I find that as I connect with the water, I connect with myself. I hope you go out and find a beautiful spring to collect water, or have a ceremony in your living room with a sacred bowl, intentions and sage. Spirit is always listening, and everything has spirit. As we awaken to the 'unseen' worlds within and without, each day becomes a little bit more interesting and beautifully sacred. Giving thanks is a natural, and effortless ritual of my life. ~