Alfalfa~Herb Highlight

When we hear the word Alfalfa we usually associate it with the sprouts we find on sandwich and salads in health food stores and restaurants. Few of us would think directly to the plant that could even be growing in our backyard. Its luscious green leaves are packed with so many nutrients and the Arabs named it Alfalfa which is from a phrase that meant "father of all foods."

This amazing plant grows wild in so many areas, and i'm happy to say that i've gathered some of it! So why makes this herb so special, and why did the arabs coin it the "father of all foods?"


via Global Healing Hut

~Detoxes Urinary Tract

~Purfies the blood and liver

~Has a strong alkaline effect on the body

~Promotes bowel movement regularity and healthy hydration

~Great source of vitamin K

~Eases morning sickness

~Aids in blood clotting

~Eases general digestive problems

~Contains high level of enzymes for food digestion and assimilation

~Helps alleviate allergies

~Lowers bad cholesterol, and reduces incidence of atherosclerotic plaque

~upports healthy blood sugar level

~Supports pituitary gland

~This stuff grows all around us and it is awaiting to be harvested. Many herbalists will tell you that the most needed medicine is the medicine that grows the closest. Alfalfa is not to be overseen. There are many ways to use it like tinctures, food and tea. I sprout the seeds and add them to salads and soups, and soon, hopefully in the a few days, will start to juice the sprouts and newly harvested leaves. Although it's not in its prime right now, I encourage you to go out and try to identify some alfalfa growing near you.

Happy Herb Hunting, xoxo