Full Moon in Aries + Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse~ Sept.27th

SO much energy is in and around us today. Feel it, and ground it. We must honour the energies that present themselves with this intense time of ellipse season. This moon is not just any old full moon; this is the Harvest Moon(closest full moon to Autumnal Equinox), it is the 4th consecutive full blood moon in the last two years, which is called a tetrad. On top of all that this full moon is the second and MOST powerful Super moon of the year, so the moon is actually closer to the earth, appearing BIGGER and the energies are stronger. Last but not least, during the full moon there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse tonight. So if any of you have been feeling a little off, this is definatley why. We are energetic beings and it's undeniable to say that we don't feel the shifts in the sky. 

This weekend we are all a bit edgy. Our relationship with anger, rage and how we deal with the both of them are rising up to challenge us to consciously make a shift in how we project those emotions onto others. As we ground ourselves and watch the emotions, we can make the CHOICE to change our old patterns into new higher vibrational patterns that will keep us away from any type of angry cat fight. This is not easy for those in rocky relationships, with your partner, 'best friend', or even yourself, but those with a solid foundation will make it through. It comes down to if you are willing to do the work or not:


“It is wise to watch the level of reactions and angry outbursts, meaning do not project your emotions onto others during this time.Be careful not to become overly impulsive and quick triggered. Gather all the facts and information and then take charge to make a decision.” ~ Dipali Desai via Mystic Mamma


A full moon is a time to release, and Lunar eclipses tend to intensity the release as they like to build up, build up, build up and explode. So if you have been feeling this build up within yourself, brace yourself, because you will release, but make sure it is a conscious release for growth rather than an unconscious(which will definitely be easier) release of old karmic patterns. This will come down to choice. We always have a choice even if we don't realize it. If it means taking a few extra moments on your own to sit in silence, or even the whole day, its worth it. Advice from others is great sometimes, but it is the wisdom you hold within yourself that is the true gift:


All new things start with our choices. Our free will is our greatest gift, and yet many people don’t use theirs. That’s when we get stuck in life and can’t seem to find a way out.

“Being a victim entails not seeing options in our lives. We shut down on life. Being an optimist means that we see different opportunities and choices we can make. There are possibilities in life.

Choices begin the process of change. Our brain chemistry changes when we make choices. Making a choice signals our brain that we’re ready to begin a journey. So the choice is the first step in changing our behaviors….” ~ Cathy Pagano via Mystic Mamma


Cradle yourself in love and forgiveness, this is the only way to learn to accept the unconscious self that absolutely will be arising this weekend, and even this next week( Or like me, maybe the past week, relationship wise). Judging yourself, or others will especially send you off the opposite direction of growth. The reason these emotions/patterns are unconscious anyway is because we turn a blind eye to them, reject them, and honestly 'hate' them. The way I have been taught to do shadow work is to see these unconscious sides of yourself, and others as little 'beings', and what little being thrives when they are hated, rejected, and judged: NONE. When we give love and acceptance to ANYTHING it transforms in ways unimaginable. What I say is take time to learn to love those parts of yourself that you 'hate', because who knows what this side of yourself will turn into. Edgar Cayce says "Any perceived weakness is only a strength being used in the wrong way." 


“The portal is open right now for amazing, exponential growth and karmic clearing. Of course we have to choose to walk through the portal- no one is going to push us through it or do the work for us. We have to show up and do the work ourselves.

“We have to take responsibility for where we are at, where we are stuck and why we have chosen to remain stuck there- and then we have to get our butts into gear and get going. ‘on the road to enlightenment there are many tempting parking spaces’. get out of neutral and get going!" ~Divine Harmony via Mystic Mamma


I hope you all take time for yourselves, it is absolutely worth it to dive right in to these powerful energies, and make the most of them. Growing isn't easy, but it is necessary, especially in these days of change, when Mother Earth needs us to take responsibility for our actions, and especially how we treat the planet. The planet is a reflection of how we treat ourselves, in a way, we are killing ourselves, therefore killing her. This can only change if we outgrow it. The perfect time to do this work is at intense energetic, astrological points like now, where the work we do is seen, created, and fulfilled quicker than other time.

Love you all, Blessings, xo~~