Fall Equinox Ceremony, September 23rd, 2015~

Image: Ilona Olkonen 

Image: Ilona Olkonen 

Can you feel it? I think we can all feel that major shift in the air, the feeling that summer is actually over. Even though the days still may be hot, we'd be blind not to see those leaves falling, the wildflowers drifting into their next phase of life, and the trees ready to bare. Personally, I love it. I love the transition between seasons, the smells, and the opportunity to adapt. 

And isn't that we all have to do? Adapt, Moving with the Earth and her cycles. Many people find fall a difficult transition for their allergies flare up, life seems maybe busier?, but for others it's quieter, slower, and more emotional. It's all of these things. If you find it harder, thats ok, if you love it, embrace it. It's all about knowing how to handle it personally. Learning to know our own cycles is just as important as flowing with mother earths rhythms, so that they can parallel. 

Fall represents water, emotions, the feminine, sunset, and the West, and moving into darkness. I can never say it enough; our lives are cycles. Cycles within cycles within cycles. Nothing is constant, except for constant change. The fall equinox marks the time of the year where we prepare to enter the dark. We are slowly moving into the shadow aspects of ourselves where we will begin to reflect on our past year. 

Moving into the shadows isn't easy, but it is necessary for growth. These times, especially September with mercury going into retrograde, eclipse season hitting us with a bang, and of course fall equinox challenge us to stay on our game, and rooted into ourselves, asking us to make sure our priorities are in order. What better way to honour this powerful time other than with ceremony. 


To embrace, or release any major shift in our lives, even the small deaths that occur weekly, it is always important to let go, or bring in with ceremony. By honouring a life cycle with intention, the power of its reality becomes ten-fold, and we know spirit/the universe is absolutely listening in, because we call her in.~


~Find somewhere beautiful in nature, I would go to a meadow, or to the edge of meadow/forest. Where ever you feel connected to the seasons/shifts. 

~Ground your roots deep into the earth, bringing Mother Earth's power up through each chakra and straight into the heart.

~Raise your spirit high up into the cosmos where you connect with your higher self, powerful guiding spirits, and ancestors. Pull that energy down through your crown, through your higher chakras and straight into the heart.

~Let these healing energies collaborate in your heartspace where you create a protection shield around yourself. Envision golden rose light emanating off of you. This is your protection. 

~Open your circle and call in the directions, goddess', god, devas, animal totems, and any other guide that you feel connected to. 

~Now is the time to follow your intuition and set intentions, give thanks for where you are and where you would like to be. I find gratitude to be so powerful in ceremony. Rather than just setting intentions for the future, but to give thanks for how far you've come with spirits' help and guidance. Do set intentions, for our lives would not be where they are without conscious intention. 

~Sing, write, breath, this is your sacred healing space. Connect with nature, learn from her. Let Mother Earth speak through you. 

~When you feel you are ready to open the circle, give thanks and maybe an offering to great spirit. Thank the spirits you called in, send them in love. Honour the directions, and open circle. 

~Blessed Be, Fall Equinox love to all of you. 


“Breathe in, knowing we are made of
All this, and breathe, knowing
We are truly blessed because we
Were born, and die soon within a
True circle of motion,
Like eagle rounding out the morning
Inside us.
We pray that it will be done
In beauty.
In beauty.”

~Joy Harjo