Health Benefits of Astragalus Root

Astragalus also called Milk Vetch of Huang Qi is a type of bean or legume and has been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has many uses and benefits but only recently has been gaining more attention in the west. The root is said to stimulate the immune system, works efficiently on the heart, and promotes longevity. 


~It causes your body to produce more telomeres, a part of your DNA that protects chromosomes from degradation.

~Reduces Inflammation.

~Anti- Cancer.

~Folk/Tradition remedy for Heart Disease. 

~Lowers blood sugar levels, and blood pressure

~Perfect rememdy for heart, liver, and immune system

~Longevity Herb

How to Use Astragalus 

~Decoction: Boil root in water.

~In Food and Cooking: Adding it to soups and stews.

~Tincture: A herbal extract that is very potent. 

~Capsules: Easy for home use.

~Powder: Great for tonics and teas.


I am mostly using tea now, but I will defiantly be experimenting with making a tincture too. I am mixing it with other adaptogens like ginseng and ashwagandha.~

**I just started with Astragalus so I haven't had enough time to watch the benefits just yet, but I am excited to. Anything that is an adaptogen is great for transitioning seasons, and perfect to take right now. My herbal teacher told me to take ashwagandha( which is used with astragalus a lot ) daily for a month while we transition into fall.