Lavender Honey

I love honey. I feel so fortunate as well because my aunt lives on this beautiful property and she rents a part of her land to bee keepers, who then pay her in honey, lots of honey. Enough honey  for her to give my lovely house full of 6 a 5 lbs bucketful. With so much honey at hand, many creative projects are to be had. 

Herbal Honey has been on my mind a lot these days, mainly because of all the beautiful wild flowers, and medicinal plants that grow in my back yard that are just waiting to be seen and used. 

Lavender is becoming a huge plant ally of mine so I thought why not make a herbal honey with lavender! Heres how:


~Choose which size jar to use and fill about 1/4 of it full with dried lavender flowers. Make sure your source is organic and their intention is love based. 

~Pour honey, preferably local raw honey over the flowers and stir.

~When all the flowers are stirred in, tightly turn the lid on and label.

~The infusion should take around 1 week, but can be longer if you want a stronger lavender taste. 

~You can leave the flowers in, or heat the infused honey up a bit and strain.