Relax the Mind and Stay Energized Tea

With bundles of herbs hanging on every wall of the house, and cupboards full of super foods, I'm bound to whip up intuitive tea blends and herbal elixirs now and then. That is how this tea blend was born. 

Yesterday I was I was craving the perfect cup of tea but couldn't decide on which kind or blend I wanted. My period was just about to come so I was feeling ALOT of emotions all at once. My intuition lead me to this dreamy, awakening, vibrantly calm, energizing tea that relieves stress and headache, energizes, stimulants mind and memory and relieves PMS. Sound a bit odd? It tastes and smells amazing, and I am definitely making a bigger batch. 


*Yarrow Leaves and Flowers: Relieves fevers, shortens flu/cold duration, relieves hormonal cramps, encourages menstruation, relieves inflammation, stimulates digestion.

*Wild Mint: Stimulates digestion, relieves menstrual cramps, relieves headaches, anti-viral, stress reliever, up-lifting.

*Red Clover: Cleansing, detoxifying, relieves headaches, balances hormones, relieves PMS, heals skin conditions, anti-inflammatory.

Ginseng: Natural energy booster, relieves PMS, mind sharpener, stress reliever, longevity herb, aphrodisiac, controls blood sugar levels.

Gingko Biloba: Brain herb, improves memory, increases concentration, heals fatigue, reduces risk of dementia and alzheimers, helps fight depression+ anxiety, relieves PMS, improves libido, relieves headaches. 

*Stinging Nettle: Detox, improves circulation, immunity booster, manage menstruation, regulate hormonal activity, anti-inflammitory, minimize menopausal symptoms, increase energy, heal skin conditions.

*St.Johns Wort: Antidepressant, relieves PMS, anti-inflammatory.

*Mullein: Calming, relieves migraine pain, treats sore throats and coughs.

Goji Berry: Anti-oxidant rich, improves male fertility, longevity superfood, energizes.

Sarsaparilla: Cleanses blood(great for skin), anti-inflammatory, detoxes, anti-cancer agents.

*Lavender: Anti-depressent, calming, detoxifying, purification, anti-fungal, removers energy blocks.


~After drinking this tea I was feeling blissfuly at ease, ready to create the rest of my day with purity and intention. That is what I love about this tea, it really marries spirit and mind; what we need more in todays world. BALANCE. 

I am pleasantly surprised at how natural this tea tastes. The combination is pure magic and I will hopefully be making a bigger batch and selling some. Truly a wild tea to relax and awaken the mind, energize, and purify.

~ Do you have a tea blend? Why not see what your intuition wants to whip up for you?



*- Foraged or picked by me.