Herbal Powder Making

I have been buying herbal and superfood powders for a few years now, but I haven't dabbled too much, or any at all into making my own powders. I took the whole summer off to enjoy the beautiful island I live on, and I did more foraging than ever before, thanks to my boyfriend who has helped me identify at least 50 or more plants.  These herbs are all drying, and hanging upside down in our meditation room.  I have tinctured quite a bit, but today I thought why not try to powder. 

Pros of Powdering Herbs

~ Easy to add to Elixir powders

~Can use in teas and soups right away,unlike a tincture where you wait for a few weeks/months

~Connect directly with the plant spirit when powdering 

~Easily mix herbs into medicinal power combination 

~All you need is to know what plant you want, dry it, and a mortal and pestle. Simple is great. 


Personally I believe that tincturing is more potent, and definitely keeps longer but powdering is just too much fun not to do it. Who doesn't want to add a little mint powder to their hot chocolate, or raspberry leaf into their next elixir or smoothie. I find powders are easier to add to food, and so many areas to explore.