Dandelion Tincture~

"Like wildflowers; You must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would."~E.V


Dandelion does just that. Growing up I was taught that Dandelion was a nusance, a pesky weed with no purpose except getting in the way. I never thought that in my twenties I would be foraging and making medicine from a once thought terrible lawn weed. 


"What is a weed?" Emerson wrote. "A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered."


Dandelion being used as a food and medicine dates back to the Arabian Physicians in the 11th and 12th century but the FDA turn their backs to modern Herbalists who use Dandelion in their practice and probably in their meals everyday. So what is the hype anyway, why is Dandelion so powerful and how to make medicine out of it?

Dandelion Benefits

~Rich in Calcium 

~Heals the liver naturally

~Regulates blood sugar


~Heals skin conditions and Acne



~Aids in Digestion

~Lowers blood pressure

~The greens hold as many nutrients or more as Kale

Dandelion Leaf and Root Tincture

Tinctures are great because the herb sits in alcohol for a a month or two while all the medicinals get extracted into an alchemical potion. I love it because the alcohol preserves the herb and will last up to a few years, just as potent as when you first foraged it. 


~Foraged Dandelion leaves and roots from somewhere safe and away from chemicals

~A mason jar

~80-100 Proof Alcohol 


~Fill the jar up half way if using dried dandelion, or full but not packed if fresh.

~Pour your alcohol over to fully cover dandelion

~Set Intentions for medicine, and Screw cap on.

~Make label with Name, Date, Ingredients, alcohol type, and latin name.

~This is best done on a new moon, or a full moon.

~Wait 8 weeks or until 2 Moons later. 


Usually the medicine that is most needed, is all around you. Take a walk in your yard before the lawn is cut, and see what plants call to you. Wander through the closest forest and notice the herbs who's energy attracts you. Plants have spirits too, and they love to be seen and sang to. They especially love to be sang to when picking. And don't forget: always ask for permission.