Gratitude Offerings~

Image:  Katlin Doyle

Mother Earth gives us so much. She provides a home for us, the food we (hopefully) eat, and water to drink. I have learned to practice gratitude in many forms along this journey, and gratitude to Mother Earth, along with Father Sky, Grandmother Moon, and Grandfather Sun are always at the top of my list. Our lives wouldn't be where they are now without the constant energy exchange between these beautiful souls.

 Ive always wondered why people are always wanting more when they aren't even grateful for what they have now. To breath is enough, is a gift on its own. We are here, isn't that enough? This is where a deep gratitude practise will take you. As you begin your journey down the thankfulness path, the light switch turns on and you start to realize how everything is connected, we live a life of interconnection where there is a reaction for every action. As we give thanks for life, life shows us more to give thanks for. You see, if you are grateful for your breath, how could you not be grateful for the trees? If you are grateful for the trees, how could you not be grateful for water? And so on, we are an interconnected species, and it is time to remember. 

how to show gratitude?

So maybe a few of you are wondering how to show gratitude, especially to those that aren't human? I like to show my appreciation through offerings:


Earth Offering Mandalas:

I love making these. Especially when I go into new areas/forests/meadows when I am foraging the medicinals near by. I give my gratitude back to the land by consciously offering some of my gatherings/ fallen flowers and berries/leaves back to the earth. 


Crystal Offerings:

Clear quartz crystals are usually the chosen ones for offering's to the earth for me. I choose them for they are great protectors and instantly raise vibrations. To offer a crystal to the earth means as much as the intention you set with the offering. Crystals hold immense power so giving them to water that needs healing, and anywhere you feel needs extra protection.


Tobacco Offerings:

In Native American traditions the gifting of Tobacco back to the land was a spiritual act of honour and respect. Many still follow this tradition, and I have been taught to offer tobacco back to the earth when I gather plants and medicines from the wild. 


Menstrual Blood Offering:

Woman's blood is sacred. The forgotten art of being deeply connected to our womanly rhythms has been shamed for far too many generations. It is to the point of taboo to talk of it in public. The Earth doesn't fall into that sad category, for she embrace the gift as an honour. To give our menstrual blood back to the earth shows a deep appreciated for how sacred we see the earth. For how sacred we see life. 


Praying in Nature:

Praying in nature, and for nature is a huge way to show appreciation and thanks for Mother Earth. Never for one minute think that prayer is not enough.


Hugging the Earth:

Hugging the Earth is laying consciously on the earth, belly down, heart open, sharing the Real Love. The love that is there, the love that isn't forced, the love that connects us.

I love you all,

~while writing this post I was listening to this, I hope it brings out the beauty as much as it did for me, xo: