Super Full Moon in Pisces~ Saturday, August 29

Image: Found on Pinterest

Image: Found on Pinterest

The full moon in Pisces is a deeply spiritual full moon, taking us down into our sacred temple of the soul to experience the wonders of true connection. Being a super moon( when the moon is closest to the earth, and often aligning with the sun and earth) it has extra potency. The full moon in Pisces asks us to step into the in-between, to dream, and feel, to follow our intuition. It is going to be an intense time of awareness of what really is behind the veil of our mundane lives.We can choose to consciously use these powerful energies, or they will use us. 

“This is a good one to rededicate yourself to your best choices. Invite your allies seen and unseen to guide you, to rearrange and sort the pieces into new forms…”

“Pisces is a water sign, with an emphasis on the imagination, unity with all life, spiritual longing, transcendence, mystical visions…”

“The Sun is opposite in earthy Virgo, kicking up the instinct to clean house from top to bottom…This is a heavenly time for purification, and to revive enchantment in a big, wholesome way…” ~ Molly Hall, from Mystic Mamma 


Pisces being the last sign of the zodiac will signify some closure in our lives. Perfect for this time of year, summer is ending and we are all gathering ourselves for that next phase. September is a month of freshness anyway, many go back to school, start new project or head out on an adventure. This full moon will help us purify ourselves thoroughly, mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually before setting the new intentions and beginning anything too big. 


My advice would be to take time to yourself to use these energies, go deep with Pisces, ground down with virgo. Write down what you know you need to release, and how you are actually going to do it. These energies are full of higher consciousness so as long as we are open to it, in quietness, without a good or bad mindset we can gain insight into the powerful realms of our soul. Pisces being a water sign is full of emotions. We are absolutely supposed to feel everything for this moon, let's embrace it! 

Super Moon Blessings to you all! xo