Energy Grounding, September Superfood Elixir

September brought the winds of change with it. The temperature is dramatically cooler at night, sweater weather even. The days are still beautiful, with a slight crisp once in a breeze. 

 September is going to be a very energetic month with a partial solar eclipse on the new moon and then right after the full moon a total solar eclipse. Also Venus goes direct on the 6th, and mercury goes retrograde on the 17th. To move with these energies we MUST ground. Consciously taking enough time to root down, touch the earth, and especially remember our spiritual practice. 

One way to stay grounded is to eat and drink the right foods. Fresh and local root veggies, tea, and even touching and making your own food more often. In honour of the end of summer, and  in need of grounding I made this elixir!


~Chaga Tea

~Almond Mylk


~Pine Pollen


~Shatavari Root Powder

~Mucuna Pruriens


~Raw Honey

~Rose Petals


~Mix all dry ingredients up in bowl

~Heat chaga tea and almond mylk to just under boiling

~Add all dry ingredients

~Simmer for fifteen minutes

~Serve warm, or chilled. Add to smoothies, or make chia pudding with it. 


**A good habit to get into is having intention when creating something. My intention usually becomes my blessing. Whether it be food, art, a piece of writing, growing a garden or even a blog post like this. The more we connect and live with intention, the more we take responsibility for our lives, and create the lives we want. Using intention with our creation, especially healing wise is much more effective. 



~energy flows, where intention goes~