Rose~ Welcoming Venus Ritual

As many of you know, Venus has been in retrograde for some period now. She is only beginning now to be seen in the sky again. The last few weeks have been rather intense times of love, past loves, relationships with oneself, mending broken connections and letting go of withered ones. Personally, it's been beautiful, affirming and full of pureness. For me it was mostly about becoming aware are some parts of myself that weren't integrated, not judging myself, but being okay with exactly what I found. 

I realized that I am to consciously choose not to focus on all the sides of myself that I may not 'love' because when I do, they are always there, and when I don't, they seem to disappear. This takes practice. A daily, deep self love practise goes a long way. Venus, Aphrodite, Goddess of Love teaches us to mend the pieces, and sew em' up with love. She does not judge right from wrong, or good from bad. She has Goddess status for a powerful purpose, unconditional love. To celebrate Venus' appearance in our cosmic sky, the most ancient of Aphrodisiacs, Rose shall be our offering. Rose is considered a mystical symbol of love and romance. 

rose benefits~how to use rose

Rose Water: Used as toner to moisture, soothe and soften skin. Uplifts the mood and heals acne. 

Rose Essential Oil: Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Antispasmodic, Anti-Viral, Boosts Libido(Aphrodisiac),Blood Purifier, and so many more. 

Rose Petals: Used in tea for healing skin conditions, immunity booster, relieves upset stomach, mood uplifter, rich in antioxidants, and beatifying.

There are roses literally everywhere in my home. We have some on my alter, on the kitchen table and rose oil in my diffuser, the scent drifting from room to room. I also love adding rose petals to tea mixtures, and to tinctures as well. Any time I pass roses I stop, connect and breath. These beauties heal us on all levels. Take note to where roses grow around you, maybe they want you to pick a few, or maybe they just need to be sang to. Listen and you will hear.

~This is the perfect time to connect with roses, especially with Venus emerging slowly. 


Rose Ritual

There is a full moon coming up on Saturday, August 29th. I suggest gathering roses, or if you have some already picked use those.

Go somewhere truly sacred to you, connect deeply to the land, the animal relations around you, and to yourself.


Create a circle where you call in each direction. If you have enough roses you can literally create a circle around yourself. 

Ground your roots deep into the earth, and soar your spirit high into the cosmos. 

Now this is when you follow your own intuition. Being a full moon, this shouldn't be too hard. 

Set intentions, release old patterns, meditate, dance, sing. You are in between worlds, in honour of the Goddess. Embrace your life. Feel, Be, Journal. 

Offer roses to the Earth mother, to Venus in gratitude. 

Open Circle.