Moonbeam Tea: Embracing the Feminine Spirit

I am obsessed with any food, herb, soap or scrub that will enhance my feminine energy. It's a forgotten way of being, that only just recently is being dug up. Women around the globe are reclaiming their ancient, and deeply sacred connection to the earth, the cosmos, and most importantly themselves. I believe that it is this undeniable connection that many men feared and still fear which led to such a masculine era, where power, strength and mind were valued more than equality, peace and intuition. But times are a changing', anytime a cultures system starts failing, its a sign of an end of an era, the feminine spirit is on the rise. Who's jumping on board? 

To embrace my dive into all things feminine, I created Moonbeam Tea. I will sip this mostly on my moontime, but also special and ceremonial occasions. Its fully loaded with herbal gems that heal women from the inside out. 

whats in it


Nettle: Detox, improves circulation, immunity booster, manage menstruation, regulate hormonal activity, anti-inflammitory, minimize menopausal symptoms, increase energy, heal skin conditions.

Raspberry Leaves:Regulates menstrual cycle, relieves PMS pains, strengthens uterus and pelvic muscles, treats morning sickness.

Ladys Mantle: Relieves cramps, and PMS pains, soothes the uterus.

Wild Mint: Helps digestion, nausea and headaches, eases some pains of breastfeeding.

Red Clover Blossoms: Blood purifier, heals skin conditions, improves circulation, increase cervical mucous, reduces menstrual cramps, increase appetite, increases fertility. 

Rose Petals: Uplifts the spirit, heals skin conditions, beautifies.

Liquorice Root: Helps relieve menstrual and PMS cramps, purifies the blood, heals skin conditions, helps with depression, reduces menopausal symptoms, helps control cholesterol. 


~This tea is absolutely amazing for women, but definitely won't hurt men. Either way, a tea made from mostly foraged herbs will be beneficial in so many ways. I encourage you to connect with the plants around you and see what they have to teach.