Planning for Miracles

The many generations before mine have always planned their life around retirement. Their whole journey dedicated to a time 40 years down the road when they can finally have freedom.    By choosing a career path that isn't aligned with your soul and truth is useless as it will drain your vitality. I say we've outgrown that mindset. I look at some of the older generations and I learn from them, I see how tired they are. I see how miserable they are. I ask myself what can I choose to avoid that? 

It comes down to listening to the inner fire, the burning passion inside that needs to be flamed, everyday. Making daily choices to walk towards what we were made to do. Some people will say it is selfish to say yes to ourself, I say it is selfish to ignore all sensations going through us just for the sake of a pay check, for security. The world needs people who choose courage, who take the leap of faith into the unknown, but trust themselves so dearly that the unknown isn't scary. 

It isn't unrealistic to plan our life around miracles. Miracles show up in many forms daily if we expect them, if we acknowledge them, if we ASK for them. Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so as long as we take time everyday to cultivate a miraculous inner landscape, pure and full of love, our outer landscape, with time, will be the exact mirror to what you feel inwardly. 

I see this as our responsibility; If we know how much power we have to create our realities, we must use it wisely, and consciously, responsibly. This means taking time to write down our intentions, to mediate to clear the mind of rubbish thoughts, and to attract supportive people into our lives who choose to live in the same conscious way. 

It is our responsibility to create the lives we want, it is our responsibility not only for ourselves, but for the world too. We need to let go of our lack state of mind, believing in the 'poor me syndrome.' You are capable of living the life of your dreams, so take the first step, and let yourself dream. This world was made to be lived in. 

"anything or anyone
that does not bring you alive
is too small for you.” ~ David Whyte