Sage Smudge Bundle

I love sage.  I use it in all my ceremonies, to cleanse my house, and to bless medicine. I usually use white sage but my boyfriend and I came across this beautiful culinary sage the other day so we thought how fun to make a bundle with it. 

Smudging is an ancient art from many native traditions around the world. Sacred herbs like sage, sweetgrass, lavender, palo santo, cedar, juniper and mugwort are used around the globe for emotional, spiritual and energetic purification.  It can be extra healing if you are going through a dark transition, heartbreak, or low energy. Cleansing in a ceremonial way releases negative energies, and thoughts to make room for higher vibrations to enter. I tend to smudge on the new moon, full moon, my own moon cycle, on special astrological days, and during the energetic Earth cycles like Equinox' and Solstices. 

This was my first bundle I have ever made. My boyfriend has made tons so he taught me. I am sure it is the first of many more. Mugwort's next!


enjoy your smudge!