Wild Rose + Honey Elixir

I am deeply connected to the rose. She embodies an essence that inspires me to embrace all of who I am. This simple, yet highly medicinal rose elixir can be used for sore throats, fatigue, digestive issues and other inflammation. It is also extremely fun and easy to make. 

what you need

~A pint mason jar

~Enough fresh rose petals(make sure there are no pesticides sprayed near) to fill jar

~1/3 pint of Raw local honey

~Enough brandy to cover the honey and roses.




~Ground yourself and clear your mind

~Set intention for medicine 

~ Fill jar with fresh roses, Do not pack them in.

~Add 1/3 pint of Honey to jar to coat the roses

~Pour Brandy over everything and tightly screw cap on

~ Leave in cool,dark space for 3-6 weeks


**I like to smudge my medicine after I create it, and give thanks to Mother Earth and her beautiful flowers and plant friends for being our allies, teachers and healers.