New Moon in Scorpio November 11, 2015~

Art: Mary Herrera

Art: Mary Herrera

November is unusual. I find it hard to place myself anywhere during this dark, transformative month. The days are short, and it is time to adjust our body, mind, and spirit into a slower lifestyle. Preparing for the intense watery scorpion energy takes inwardness and rootedness above all. Anytime an energy such as a new or full moon is among us, is a time to ground, and rest. 

Scorpio is the scorpion, but also correlates with the Phoenix in mythology. A powerful creature who lights itself on fire when time to "die", and rebirths from the ashes anew. Our new moon in Scorpio give us just that opportunity, and to be honest, pushes it upon us. Rebirth. It sounds kind of scary, but in all honesty, its what true magic is. I am eternally grateful for every death I have had, for without them I wouldn't be who I am today. I see deaths as growth. When we are shedding, we are unconsciously, and sometimes consciously making room for better parts of ourself to shine. The challenge is allowing the death. 

Scorpio asks us to dig deep within ourselves, deeper than we've gone before. A time to connect with our soul, and spirit to listen to what really needs to be integrated. Scorpio understands to the underworld consciousness better than any sign and on Nov.11, 2015 it is our chance to reconnect with our suppressed feelings and emotions, to free ourselves. 

Rest, listen, tune in, feel, allow. These are the words that come to me for Wednesday's New Moon. Remember, we are all feeling this. 'The darkest hour is just before dawn.' Be sure to write or speak your intentions. Have a little ceremony and connect with the power of this transformative moon. 

~We are all going through something. In order to work through these times let us remember compassion, gratitude and self love. Happy New Moon Sisters, and Brothers, xox!