Moon~Womb Milk

Women hold a very special energy. We literally can bring spirit/soul into physicality. I believe this to be one of the most sacred acts. Our wombs connect us to the spiritual realms, and the earth at the same time. We intuitively understand the oneness of the world if we allow ourselves the time and space to do so. 

~ A really important time to tune into these waves of electric energy is our Moontime(menstruation). As we reach that time of the month, our womb is preparing for birth, and we are birthing so much even if it's not a child. We are impregnated with soul, passion and cosmic truths of our being. This is why spending time alone during the moontime phase is absolutely crucial to our entire months cycle; it gives us time to harness that sacred, and create it in our everyday life. If we take care of our womb, our womb will take care of us. My moon milk does just that. It is full of hormonal regulating, uterus strengthening, fertility creating herbs, and so much more. 


~1 Cups Almond Milk

~1 Cup Chaga Tea

~Shatavari  Root Powder

~Astragalus Root

~Liquorice Root

~Raspberry Leaf

~Mint Leaf

~Nettle Leaf

~Ginger Root

~Cinnamon Bark

~Yarrow Flower

~Yarrow Leaf

~Rose Petals

~Chaga Mushroom

~Reishi Mushroom

~Raw Lavender Honey


~Add all ingredients except for Shatavari powder and honey to a pot.

~Pour 1 Cup of Chaga tea over herbs and let steep for 7 minutes.

~After steeping add 1 Cup of Almond milk and decoct for 5-7 minutes.

~Simmer, Strain, and Enjoy :)


**This is fine just as a tea, but milk is soothing and calming, especially if on our periods. But this is fine and actually very healthy to drink even when not menstruating. Our culture needs to re-connect with the ancient sacredness of the womb and stop being so afraid of it's power. It is so special to take care, and care for the womb. ~ Blessings.