Sacred Space~

Sacred Space. I have been connecting with what sacred space means to me, and just how much of an impact it has on my health. I didn't worry about my sacred space when I was travelling gypsy 4 years ago, but now I look back and see how it would have made me re-evaluate some of my situations(as I do now). When we surround ourselves with a space that is important to us, and better yet, that we actually connect to, it makes us feel more alive. I see now that our space is yet another reflection of our inner most being.  

I know sometimes when we hear the word sacred space it might intimidate us. But what it really is, is a space that is layered with meaning, depth, purpose and especially intention. I love looking around my home and seeing purpose is each and every adornment, and art piece. It's important for me to be inspired when I wake up. To look around and be reminded my truth, and of my priorities. When the space is energetically clear, grounded, and uncluttered around you, the mind begins to do the same. An actual clear mind is capable of so much; productivity, manifestation and seeing beyond veils of illusion.  

So how to make a space sacred?

~Tune into yourself, and write down a few things that make you happy. Think senses, like scent, sound, feel, and sight.

ie. Plants, Flowers, Incense, Candles, Bright, Dark, Music.

~Altars. Create little alters around the house where you can pick a few of your favourite items that remind you that you're connected to a whole web of life, and each moment counts. Crystals, Flowers,Poems, Plants, and Bones are great. 

~Take time to clear out clutter. Clutter holds us back, and we humans like to hold on to too much of what we do not need anymore. Throw it away. Donate it. You'll feel better, I promise.

~Plants. If you don't have any plants in your house, invest in some. They clear the air, look beautiful, and are a natural mood booster. They bring so much character into a home, not to mention they are alive. 

~Smudge. Clear the energies with sage, palo santo, mugwort, sweetgrass or other clearing modalities. My favourite is palo santo. These sacred plants help release negative, stagnant energy and attract postive, healing energy.

~ Im always bringing in sticks, flowers, rocks and branches that i've found on my walks.  When we go for hikes and allow ourselves to be open, nature literally speaks to us. The pieces we gather, are meant for us, in so many ways beyond our conscious mind. Having found items in the house, on an alter and in the kitchen will give us an energy boost, and love. 

~Smell. Light incense, add essential oils to a diffuser or on a clothe and clean countertops with. Spray herbal mists. Find what scents work with you. Essential oils are used in all aromatherapy and literally shift our moods depending on which one we choose. 

~Cook. Connection with food in our homes in super important. It's a time to dedicate our health. When we sit down with each other to eat, we are purifying our souls as well as our bodies(if we cook healthy). The smell of our homemade meals too will also make us feel cozy and inspired. 

~Invite. A way to embrace our space is to invite our friends and family over. Holding space for others, and giving them the opportunity to feel at home, in your home is a powerful experience.

~Flowers. Add flowers to the dining table, to shelves, and to your alters. In the bathroom, and dried flowers on the wall. Flowers are little nature spirits, with a graceful healing spark to them. 



and so much more, this is just a little guideline. I hope you find time to create a space sacred for you. It'll help you grow in ways you can't imagine. Sacred space give YOU space to become who you need to be. xoxoxo, emily.