Patience of the Natural Path

“When I had nothing to lose,

I had everything. When I stopped

being who I am, I found myself.”

~Paulo Caolho

There is a song called the Sunscreen song, and I always remember this one part where he says "The race is long, and in the end it's with yourself."  And he's right, when we realize that, there is no race anymore. No one is ahead, and no one is behind. To be okay with where we are in life is important for it naturally allows us the space to step back, to reflect on how far we have come, and give thanks. Our journeys, goals and dreams are not going to happen overnight, and though society pressures us to make that happen, it's necessary for us to be patient with ourselves, and be okay with small steps forward.

Being an Aquarian, I find I really have to remind myself that small steps count, and that I don't have to get it all done in one day, even though some days I really want to. Enter Patience. Patience is so beautiful, and also perfectly affirming, giving us permission to stop, and to trust in timing. Some days I like to just sit under a tree and contemplate the the word patience and what it means to me. Usually what I come up with is that most of us are workaholics. Our society made an illusion of what it means to be successful; the age, the dollar, the house. We are taught to want more. Continuously working to "get ahead." But what if by "getting ahead" we were actually, on some other level, taking steps backwards, unconsciously. This is the case in my opinion. By working too hard on someone else's idea of success, we not only halt our growth, but we de-grow.  Determining our own sense of success will not only make us feel successful, but it will allow us to be patient with how success shows up in your life. 

I believe we are all put on this planet with a purpose, we are all so different for reasons. That purpose doesn't jump right out at us, we have to allow it to become. Ultimately, this is where intention, and right timing comes in. Once you feel in your heart that you have a specific reason to be here on the planet, you are already on your path. Whether society likes or dislikes your path doesn't matter. Your fathers, mothers or best friend's opinion of your path shouldn't matter because when you align with your path, life seems to be in a natural flow. 

When we enter our natural flow it doesn't mean that every day is going to feel like it. Some days will feel like complete hell, and somedays will be perfect. This is life. This will always be life. Cycles. What I am here to say to you though, is patience my dear, all your beautiful soul needs while going through those days where you might feel like the natural path doesn't even exist is patience. The importance of patience is that it keeps us on the Natural Path. Staying true to ourselves should come first always. 

Every single step forward counts. So let's make sure each step is a little bit ahead.