◯Flower~ Herbal Solar/Lunar Infusion for FULL MOON◯

Full Moon in Taurus is on her way, I am already feeling her potency, I will go into depth about that tomorrow though. But for now, I am getting my intentions ready as I have a major transformational month coming up, with so many changes. I am ready to go forward with positivity, grace, and a full consciousness. So for my intentions to blossom I am literally infusing them. I love making my medicine with purpose, and especially around the moon, so this moon I decided to try something new(to me), and make a solar/lunar infusion.

Traditionally these type of infusions were made with fresh picked flower petals, and not so much herbs, which I can't wait to do when the time is ripe. But this time, I used dried herbs and flowers instead. I chose herbs and petals that i'm most attracted to, and that I feel are very feminine. Here's how to do it:


~Choose which herbs/flowers you want. This can be intuitive too. 

~Set intentions.

~If doing solar infusion: let sit out in sun with lid ON for minimum 4 hours direct sunlight, but personally I would go with much longer than that. 

~If doing lunar infusion: let sit in full moonlight, or dark new moon with lid OFF for the entire night. 

~Strain, Smudge, Give Thanks, and Enjoy!~

**If you want to do both at the same time, that is fine too. That is exactly what I will be doing. Mine are already out in the sunshine, and will be staying outside in the sun and moon until after the full moon. 

~These infusions are super potent, medicinal and healing, not to mention raw(Some raw foodies will only use this method for tea as pouring hot water over herbs will kill some parts of the plants enzyme; however,personally I don't full agree with that way of going about tea.) 

~The sun and the moon hold deep energies that we are forever connected to. To make medicine with these power houses will only help us harness a power within ourselves that will radiate effortlessly. 

~I chose to use Rose Petals, Pink and White Yarrow, Nettle Leaf, and Lavender. All picked close to my heart. I also chose to do straight Nettle Infusion, just because who doesn't love Nettle. 

I hope you try this too! Let me know! xoxoxo, Full moon blessings.