Remembering Nature's Harmony~

We can't lie to ourselves and pretend that our culture is connected to nature. We've forgotten our deepest of roots, and the passionate inseparable tie we have with the natural world. At the core of our corrupt world lies the wound that many of us find uncomfortable to even talk about still; The wounded feminine, Nature. It is no surprise to me to see our world in the shape it is today as we still continue to perceive life as separate, lost in the illusion of battling between duality. As we continue to see ourselves as separate from nature, our world will only reflect back to us just that; a world that is not thriving, a dying and polluted eco-system, and as nature dies, we die. 


"All of life must be honored and protected again, allowed their natural source of shelter and nourishment. Since all of the living cosmos is connected, the Grandmothers teach that healing, quality of life, and spiritual evolvement are never separate from politics and consciousness. Culture that does not derive or base itself on nature’s harmony has no roots and can’t survive long.

“Without a deep connection to nature, people drift into sickness, grow negative, and destroy themselves spiritually and physically. Deeply connected to nature, we witness beauty everywhere, including wholly within ourselves." ~  The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers via Mystic Mamma


 When I tune into the vibration of the collective disconnection, I feel a deep sadness. A longing, a longing so deep seeded within the collective unconscious that is scary to face for many, because for anyone who faces this call, the call of the Earth, will be shifted forever, the comfortable structures that appear to strong will tumble down and disappear. We often fear what we need the most. No wonder the world fears the feminine. The grace of nature, the fact that we live inside a web of consciousness that is more interconnected than our minds can fathom. 

We are not alone. We are never alone. It is kind of relieving when we create an intimate relationship and knowing that the interconnection of all matter and spirit is always around us and in us. This is why prayer is so efficient; the world is literally listening. And when we pray to the earth, for earth's healing, it not only heals the earth, but us as well. As She heals, We heal. Listen. She is speaking. 

The She that you feel in the wind, or the wave that covers you're whole body, in the mist and the pollen of a flower. She represents magic, soul and infancy. She's humbled, yet longing for you. She whispers to us daily, but only those who listen can hear. She makes my heart excite as I write this, passion embodied, living within and without. You know her. We all know her a little bit. She'll find you when you're ready, especially if you're needed. Listen.

This is all I ask. Listen. We are energetic beings who have lost our sense of magic, and fierce imagination. Let it go, we are free. We are here. Our bodies will always be energy, as far off the track we get, we are still ok. We are still able to re-connect. We are re-connecting and it is our responsibility  for us who have heard the call of She, of Nature to inspire others, to show others that living in harmony with nature is real. It is not some pretentious new age spiritual concept. Our ancestors lived this truth. Lived with this land. Loved this land, and the land loved them back. We will thrive as we remember. That's all we have to do, listen and remember. 

Xoxox, so much love, Emily.