New Moon in Libra, October 12~13

Image: Found via Pinterest

Image: Found via Pinterest

Ahh, relief, for a second. Who else felt the intensity lately? I know a bunch of people who have. It's the New Moon now though, a new cycle, a restart, and yet another time to begin and complete with intention. This new moon is defiantly not on the light side though, and we better start to prepare for relationship scouring because we don't really have a choice:


“This past week kept us on our toes as the Libra Sun squared Pluto

challenging us to see our own unconscious part in our relationships…”

“New Moon in Libra will without a doubt spotlight our experiences of balance…”

“With the Libra Sun and Moon in opposition to Uranus this New Moon, we may be engaged in finding balance as Uranus will tend to disrupt anything that only resembles balance or is veneered in harmony but really is denial of needs unexpressed."

~ Pat Liles via Mystic Mamma 


This month let us be reminded that we are all reflections of each other, even our experiences. Our lives are mirroring each others. There is an undeniable interconnection between the space that 'separates' us. What I say is that you can't separate the inseparable. That's life; Inseparable. If we make the conscious choice to remind ourselves this daily, then each decision will be made a little bit differently than yesterday. Relationships especially. When I tap into this wisdom, sometimes I find it overwhelming because I realize that we are in a relationship with everything. By reconnecting to the ancient spirit embedded in mundane life we'll naturally come back into balance for this is forgotten knowledge that will only take us on a journey into deeper places of ourselves:


You cannot heal what you cannot feel– so the coming month brings with it deep opportunities to get deeply in touch with that which runs you Unconsciously so that you can integrate it, heal it and take conscious creative control of your life back!

“Wherever imbalances have been playing out in our inner and outer lives- we have been forced to face them and take full responsibility for them if we want to be able to have any chance at transforming or healing them…”

“Ultimately we are all seeking to become whole- whether that takes years or lifetimes. And the Libra scales of balance remind us that when we don’t own something in ourselves we will project it out onto others." ~ Divine Harmony via Mystic Mamma


As always, take time for yourself, go inward, write intentions, let go of what needs to go, FEEL, create ceremony, connect with nature. Times are intense, ground it. Always ground. Many New Moon Blessings, XOXOX!