Herbal Golden Milk

Thanksgiving is upon us in Canada and fall is in bloom. So many of my friends, co-workers and family have colds, and so do I. To embrace thanksgiving, but to also help heal myself and my family I made this Herbal Golden Milk(inspired by EarthSprout) that is warming, medicinal and so yummy.


Serves 2

~3.5 Tbs Turmeric Paste

~2 Cups Almond Milk

~1.5 Tbs Coconut Oil

~1 Tbs Ashwagandha Powder

~1 Tsp Pine Pollen

~5 Cardamon Pods, Take Peel Off

~3 Star Anise

~Pinch of Black Pepper

~1.5 Tbs of Freshly Grated Ginger

~2 Tbs Raw Honey


Turmeric Paste:

~Heat 1 Cup of Water and 3tbs of Turmeric Powder in a pan until it becomes a creamy paste.

*There will be leftovers, so just put in air tight container and refrigerate. 



Herbal Golden Milk  

~Heat the coconut oil and cardamon on 300C for 30s or so until aroma is fragrant.  

~Add in the rest of ingredients except for honey. 

~Let Simmer and Serve with cinnamon stick straw

**Add honey very last, when the milk is warm so the living enzymes do not get destroyed.


This drink is super easy to make and each of these ingredients are extremely medicinal, healing and warming. Perfect for the season of colds, allergies and flues. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and I hope you all take time to write down all that you're grateful for. 

For me it's this Earth, these beautiful seasons, family and friends, spirit, deep connection's, and the natural world. Blessings, xoxox.