From The Heart | Online Workshop 03/17-03/23


From the heart

a gentle, and sacred journey from deep within the heart

March 17 - March 23

Registration Opens March 1

From the heart is a seven day writing journey taking us deep into ourselves through seven heart+thought provoking questions.


Beginning on the New Moon in March which is just days before the Spring Equinox, which in my opinion feels much more like a new year than any other time of year. 


These will be more than just questions. See them as portals into YOU. See them as medicine awakening pieces of your soul that have been longing to emerge from beneath the surface. See these questions as the self-inquiry and self inventory that your heart has been gently, and softly calling out for. 


We will navigate the waters together over Seven Days beginning on the New Moon, celebrating the Spring Equinox together, in tribe, in community. We will hold space for each other, for as we nourish ourselves we nourish each other. We will cradle our vulnerable inner children as we allow our sacred rebirth we so desperately have been seeking.


themes you can expect:

Radical Shifts in Belief Systems

A warm embrace and merging between you, your inner child, and your sacred elder

Potent realizations of what means the most to you and your heart and how to prioritize effectively

Healing and Welcoming Ancestral Wisdom

Deep Remembering of some of the Truest aspects of YOU

Unlearning of habits (physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental)

Grounding deep into your most authentic expression

Connecting with practices+rituals that serve YOU



And more as this is a deeply, intuitive lead workshop and as someone who works from her intuition, I know I always need to allow Spirit to take us where we need to be taken. As a group, as a collective, as a tribe we will create our own energy, and from that energy we will learn exactly what we are meant to learn. We will let go of exactly what we as a tribe need to let go of. If you feel the call, sign up below to be informed as soon as we open registration.

Exchange: $44CAD

Registration Opens March 1st.