YOU Are The Medicine and How to BE Instead of DO


Lately I have been realizing that it's not so much about what we DO, but more so about how we BE, and who we ARE. I have been realizing that WE are the medicine, and what we DO is just how we serve the medicine. I understand that this concept can easily be taken the wrong way in that some folks will let this go to their head(ego) thinking that theyyyyy are the medicine but it's not like that. Lets take Cacao Ceremony for example, as this is one that is very easy to SEE. My sister Katlin  leads cacao ceremonies. Anyone could lead a cacao ceremony, in theory. But the medicine that we gather from Katlin's beautiful ceremonies won't be absorbed in the same way from just anyone. Katlin has a special touch, a special connection, to herself, to spirit, and to cacao. She (and her own medicine) is just as much apart of the ceremony as the sacred Cacao Spirit is, it's their connection, they relation. What it comes down to is our own personal connection with ourself. It comes down to our own sacred connection with Spirit, and our own authentic expression of what and how Spirit is working through US.

We get so attached to what we THINK we SHOULD be DOing. What I believe we truly need to do is trust ourselves, believe in ourselves, and listen to the guidance from within. We need to get to know ourselves, and cultivate an authentic connection between ourselves and the universe. It doesn't matter what you do. As long as you do what you NEED(Spirit's Demands) to do. You will know what you need to do by listening, and continuing to listen. If you feel like you can't hear, it's because you don't trust. You do hear, you just don't listen. We all truly know what we really need. 

It was such a beautiful moment when I heard this the other day, when I was shown that it truly doesn't matter what i'm DOing. What matters is that I'm offering my truest, realest self. What matters is that I'm serving up the most potent medicine I'm capable of, and that I am fiercely, and courageously complying to the guidance of my heart and intuition. 

The most important thing is doing the work to come closer to embodying our truest self. Offering the gifts that we have been born with. It doesn't matter how that looks because when we are being driven by the universe than we can trust that whatever we do will blossom abundantly, and be profoundly received by the people who need it most. All these words are are a reminder that people want YOU, not what you do. What you do is great, as long at its from the pureness that is your heart and soul.