Monday Intentions Forty One | Change


Oh my gosh, Hello beauties! I just want to say SORRY for not making an entry for ONE MONTH. This month has been the biggest whirlwind that I've experienced in YEARS. I have decided to leave China, and I am settled in my cozy space back on Prince Edward Island and I could not be happier with my decision. January felt like the longest month of my life, maybe it was? There were SO many lessons thrown my way; all the hard way too! When I tune in and ask myself what it was all about, and especially if  it could have been avoided I hear that this was divinely apart of my path, and that no it could not have been avoided because the lessons I was shown in this intense way I could not have learned any other way... sadly. We need to learn some lessons the hard way, it's reality. It's shadow. When we just don't want to look at something, if we deny certain aspects of ourself, or even if there is a lesson we know we need to learn but aren't giving the energy it really needs.. we will learn the hard way. This was my whole month; being faced with aspect, after aspect, after aspect of shit that I haven't dealt with. It was a month of ego shattering, and growing up. I know for a fact that there is no other way I could learn so many important lessons in such a short time frame than what I just underwent, and I know that this was the divine purpose of why my soul decided to take me on this painful, dark escapade. Now, here I am, in the unknown, yet again, but deeply in trust, in heart, in knowing...truly in belief that my guides, ancestors, and soul are here with me, looking out for me, listening to my prayers and guiding me in deeper ways than I can comprehend. So with that, I offer you my intentions for this week:


Change: The theme this week is CHANGE: “The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.”~ C. Joybell C. 

Haha that is exactly what I just did. I threw myself big time when I went to China, and then threw myself again deciding to go home. The past few months have been major months of Change for me. Sometimes change just comes knocking at the door and we have no choice. These kinds of changes can sometimes be the hardest; when life decides to make changes for you. The way I see it when change comes to us instead of us consciously seeking it is that it's an answer to our prayer, or a fruition of past intentions. Because you know what? We NEVER really know how our intentions are going to show up, and we have no idea how the journey to our manifestations is going to look like. When change arrives, the best practice is trust. Trust it all. Especially if you know you've been doing your work especially if you've been showing up, and setting strong intentions. Which... I have. So since change has already been a big theme in my life I thought no better subject to begin my writings with than Change itself. This week I have strong intentions to embrace the change, to honour myself through the change, and to TRULY trust that all this change is for mine and the world's highest good. 


SLOW: "Push less, allow more." ~ A quote my sister told me yesterday as I was telling her how my biggest lessons right now, and one of the main lessons I took away from China is to SLOW the F**K down. It is actually a relief to me when I hear from my guides that I GET, and even more than that NEED to slow down. For some reason I put so much pressure on myself to be more, do more, work more..more, more, more. And it doesn't feel good. It feels.. well, like pressure. A part of me feels like there needs to be this pressure, in order to feel purposeful, effective, and useful. But the truth is the opposite haha, of course right? But really, it is. Slowness. Presence. Stopping. Listening. Moving slower than slow. And believe me, this is such a challenge for me. I blame it on my Aries rising HA! The fact that I NEED to move slower, that one of my main lessons, and "work" to do is to BE slower is so relieving for me. Because I don't want the pressure, I don't want to move so fast, I don't want to go go go. I actually want to move slower, when I deeply surrender, this is how I AM. And the fact that i've been given not only permission, but more so demanded to be slower has been liberating for me. 


Trust:  Within the change I must practice trust. I must trust often, and deeply. And this IS a practice. Because sometimes its hard to trust. But usually, when I am not IN trust, it's because I'm in my head, in my mind.. in my ego. When I'm in my centre, in my heart, in love, trust is easy, and actually natural. Really setting the intention for trust this week as my life unfolds into the next chapter. 


Service: Moving forward with service in mind. Making decisions with service in mind. Honouring my work, as the work of many linages, of my ancestors and trusting in what I NEED to offer. Knowing that this changes. It won't always be same. And especially when we are walking our path of service, because it gets deeper the longer and more committed we are to our service. As it gets deeper it becomes more authentic, more real, more potent. Allow this; allowing my medicine to become stronger. Allowing my service to become what it has always been meant to be. Stepping out of my own way. We are all here for a purpose. Our work is to honour our sacred gifts, and share them. 


Heartspace: Moving and being from my heart. Healing and opening my heart. Honouring my heart. Listening to my heart. Living from this space. As deeply, and as often at possible. 


Kundalini/No Sugar: Today marks day 120 of my Sat Kriya meditation practice. This was my goal. I feel so proud of myself, but also feel like continuing. So my next goal is 200 days. Today also marks day number 1 out of 40 of no sugar. 



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