Heart Based Action is Enough


If it doesn't come from the heart, what worth is it? Just because certain practices work amazingly for some people, it doesn't mean that it will work the same way for everyone. I believe that the reason some modalities work so well for some is because they are taking action from their heart, instead of a place of guilt, or should. I have been realizing that the best results come from when we are inspired to take action, and surrender to whatever that action looks like. I contemplate enoughness quite often, and specifically this morning I realized I truly do DO enough, that I truly AM enough, even though my practice doesn't look or compare to anyone else's, I realized that as long we SHOW UP from our heart than we are doing enough. For me this looks like going to bed early and waking up early, morning smudging and prayer, cacao and journalling, and meditation. I show up by giving myself time to dance each day, by eating the best I possibly can, by taking care of my body in the best possible ways I can, and by humbling myself, knowing I have so much to learn and grow into. But I know, and trust that the way you show up is definitely going to look different, and is no less powerful and real to you.  

We are all made so differently, we all have different gifts and abilities, and some practices just won't do it, and some will. I write these words as permission to all of us to follow our heart, to take INSPIRED action, to not feel guilty if you might be the black sheep. Trusting ourselves is one of the most empowering things we can do. By giving ourselves the permission to fully trust and listen to ourselves, we give ourselves the freedom to grow into our fullest potential. The way we get there really doesn't matter. What matters is how deeply we can surrender to what feels right in our heart, and giving ourselves the permission to be enough as we are. 

How are you enough? Because I KNOW you are.  Being enough doesn't mean we can't refine, and make changes, being enough means that we need not feel guilty for "what we don't do." Being enough means that we are made the way we are for a reason, and that we are allowed to love what we love, do what we love, and walk our walk, no matter what that walk looks like. Our hearts have the medicine we need, and the more we tune into the magic that is deep within this beautiful tool of ours, the more we will feel content, just as we are. We will realize that WE have always been exactly what we have been looking for, all we need is the permission, from ourselves, to BE and surrender into it.