Monday Intentions Twenty Three | Strength In Innocence


What a week! I was blessed with so much this past week; I met new people, I saw new places, opened my heart fuller, was majorly challenged, but also broke through some annoying wounds that have been surfacing for a while. I feel humbled, cocooned, inspired, curious, and patient about the direction I am heading in. I feel different, to say the least. That eclipse was a game changer, that's for sure! I am still coming back to myself and find my words are short still. So here are my intentions this week:


Strength In Innocence: This was such a beautiful and important lesson yesterday and one that I am intending to carry with me into this week, and longer. I realized the beauty, strength and PURITY that innocence holds. Look at a child, they don't "know," many "things," but they KNOW the moment, they KNOW LOVE, and presence and their is strength is in that. I continue to realize that it's not about what you DO in life, it's about how you BE. You can be DOING all the "right" things and still be a fucked up person. When we come into BEING, we become innnocent,  we have the courage to surrender to our ignorance, we have the ability to love all those around us. We don't need to BE anything, we just need to BE HERE, right fucking now. It's simple, it's innocent, and so much strength is held in it. 


Grounding: After such intense energies, and the rug of our life pulled from under us, I definitely need to ground and come back to ME. Especially because I am holding space at a retreat this weekend which requires me to be very rooted into the earth, and to guide others to be rooted into the earth while we traverse our inner realms. 


Reflection and Inwards Time: I have a lot to process and integrate. My heart is full and expanding, allowing the life of all life pour in, and teach me. This love is my teacher, my guide, and this week I am tuning into it and listening.


Patience: The universe is challenging my patience is many arenas. I am excited and curious about SOOO many things, but it's not looking like I am going to "know," for a while yet. So I am calling on patience and presence to keep me rooted into what is right here with me, and to not let myself get sucked into my mind too much. We can't know until we know, right?!


Love and Heartspace: As always, I vow to my heart, to love, to beauty, to the REAL. 




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A sweet and soft song to guide you into this week. My heart opens to you, I LOVE you.