Monday Intentions Twelve

Welcome to a beautiful, fresh, new week! I hope your last week was enlivening, full of beauty, and pureness. The days are SO long here in PEI, the sun doesn't set until around 9. Here are my intentions for the week ahead of us:


Newness: I have realized that some of my old rituals and routines aren't serving me in the ways they used to. I am opening myself up to new practices and rituals. When things aren't working like they used to, it usually means it's time for change. I am just realizing this, after about a month or so of trying to make the old work, and it just wouldn't.

Embracing Change: This kind of goes with the above.. but I am at a point of realizing I need to change in order for my growth to continue. Ive been feeling fairly stagnant these days, and I am excited to make the changes needed.

SLOWING DOWN:  Summer can be really busy, but to really enjoy it, since here in Canada we truly wait all year for this, we need to slow down and truly experience the life around us. Hear the sounds, smell the smells, ect. Being Here. So making sure I do this will be in my awareness this week, and probably all summer.

Gentleness: I am calling in gentleness this week as I am still in a cocoon phase. Im not going to lie, I am sick of being in this inbetween, this birth/death space, though I know it is the most important time to take care of myself. To be gentle, nurturing, loving, and caring to myself. It's easy to judge myself for being here, because it's unknown, and sometimes the unknown can seem "wrong". But I am reminding myself that I am exactly where I am supposed to be, and this is a prayer being answer, even if it doesn't "look like it."

Breathwork: I am going to move out some of the stagnant, old energy i've been feeling with some breath work.

Harvesting: It's a super busy time plantwise. I love it, but I definitely need to be on my game to make sure I don't miss a plant in it's prime. There are new plants every week to connect with, this week i'm connecting with Red Clover, Raspberry, Hawthorn, Horsetail, Sweetfern and Yarrow. 

Heartspace: Calling in a deeper heartspace experience. Committing stronger to making actions, decisions, seeing, feeling, hearing, from a place deep within my heart.

Eating Pure: More and more fresh veggies and fruits are coming into season and I am so excited to eat so seasonally. 

Productivity: Within my slowness, I am allowing the work I do have to do, to be down with beautiful quality, focus, and efficiency. 


Happy week!


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