Monday Intentions Nine

Oh my gosh, what a week was last week. It was up to 31 degrees, which is so wild for MAY. I jumped in the water that day, which felt so revitalizing, I really needed that shift in elements, especially in the salt water. All I can say is just how happy I am that I can feel Summer in the air! Here are my intentions this week:


Center: One thing that keeps on coming up and coming up is how important it is to stay entered when everything appears to be in chaos. So I am learning what centres me the most, and I am making that my number one priority because I am so susceptible and sensitive to the energies of the cosmos, and the world around me ( more so than my mind can even comprehend (or want) I think).

Trust the Uncertainty: Do you ever know exactly what you want? But you're sooo unsure of how thats going to actualize, and also the steps you need to take seem to disappear out of your mind. Me too! That is how I feel right now. I know what I want. Deeply, but my next steps are totally out of awareness, which is forcing me to be so present. 

HEART: This one connects with trusting the uncertainty above. I know that as I tune into my heart, and listen to the messages and guidance from there, than the steps with appear crystal clear, with a strong YES feeling inside of me. When I get out of my own way, and shed the ego/mind ideals of what I "should" be in this life, my bigger and more powerful force that is my heart can lead, and show me my truest, purest, most authentic path, and it feels so right. 

Authenticity and Trusting MY Truth: As you can see on the blog lately, Trust has been a theme. I have looked outwardly for validation of my truth for so long. And yes, I do get it, but it is like less fulfilling when you search and search for someone else, that appears to be more "valid" than me, speaking something along the lines of my truth. The most fulfilling this  is to radically speak my truth. I understand that my truth will shift and change as I grow, but I am at a point where I know my intuition is strong and valid, and it is more important than ever before to listen to that. 

Medicine Making: I am going to get really creative in the kitchen this week and make some really special things! There are some awesome things brewing, literally. SO excited to share. Also, if there is anything you'd love to see, just email me, and we can sort something out. 

The Work: As Lacy from Free+Native calls it, The Work, which is basically getting down to the nitty gritty, shadow(ego/suppressed/unconscious shame + guilt/wounds) that holds us back and blocks us from radiating and embodying our most whole selves. I have committed to doing this work in a way that I have never committed before. I have reached a breaking point where I can not, CAN NOT, go on like this. And we all know these pivotal points in our life and the immense change they bring. I am in the change. I am the cocoon, the chrysalis in the midst of a metamorphosis. 

Plants, Plants, Plants: Every week there are new plants emerging from their slumber. I am so thrilled to be connecting with new ones daily. This week is RASPBERRY, one of my most favourite plants. I just LOVe this plant. 


I would love for us to inspire each other. Comment below or email me at



Here is my song of the week via spotify's discover weekly, I am so obsessed with this song! Enjoy. Happy week!