Why Loving the Simplicity of Life Brings More Joy


Slowing down to notice and appreciate the beauty life has to offer us can give us huge amounts of joy. We become so powerful when we learn how to love what is always around and within us instead of feeling lack from a material item that we do not possess. When we let go of defining our lives out of material "success" we allow a greater, simpler joy into our beings.

When we train ourselves to love life as it is, happiness is the result. So much of our unhappiness comes from thinking we do not have enough, and that we need more. But when we can walk down the road, and see how much we have by looking at a flower, breathing in fresh air, using our legs to walk, having the sun shine down on our face, that is the real power. Where can you simplify?

A good practice for this is to ask yourself what your are grateful for. Gratitude and happiness go hand and hand. Write a little list. After your done, go back and check your list for the simpler things in life? Are you paying attention to your breath? Your eyesight? Seasons? Chirping birds? There really is no right or wrong in this, all I am saying is that when we can find joy in 'smaller' things, life's tight strings get a little looser and joy is that much more attainable. 

The reason I am writing this post is because of how much joy I get from watching the plants bloom, and the longer days, and tea, and walking. I often wonder how so many can be unhappy when we have these magnificent bodies, on such a spectacular planet? Isn't this enough? Isn't this abundance already?

What do you think? I am curious to know.