Monday Intentions Three

Happy Monday folks! What is your week going to look like? I am SO excited for this week, because it is actually SPRING, and it feels amazing. Here are my intentions for the week:


GROUND: I am going to write a whole post on this, this week, but I am realizing that with major energies in the sky, and going through my own inner transformations, there is literally no better time to be IN THE BODY and ground it all. 

Reflection: Mercury and like five other planets are retrograde right now. If you aren't sure what that means, look up Mystic Mamma, and read about it. Basically, especially during a Mercury Retrograde, it is a good time to tie up loose ends, not to begin anything big, or make big decisions, rather it is seen as a period of reflection, letting the old fully go before beginning the new. *Mercury is the planet that governs communication, so any big travel plans, or phone/technical stuff could go wrong/break. Just be mindful. So with that said, I will be paying attention to how far I've come, and seeing what still needs closure, in all areas. 

Cleanse: I love cleansing in Spring. Everything around me is fresh, and I like to join in on the freshness and cleanse my body after the long ol' winter. I am doing a three week cleanse beginning today, with a three day fast in there too. Ill be eating only WHOLE foods, mostly vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, lots of water and herbal tea, and other forms of herbs. 

Connect with the Land: As our land begins to thaw here in Eastern Canada, I am behind excited ( I would say borderline overwhelmed, in the best way) for all the plants to return. Everyday I will be out watching the land transform. Watching for signs of new growth, and returning plant life. This is one of my favourite things in the world. 

BEING IN THE BODY: Yes. I said that above, but for me, it is really, really hitting home how true it is for me. And for me, this means lots of movement. Yoga, Dance, Hiking, Running, everyday. Seriously nourishing this sacred vessel in all forms. Eating the best I can. Lots of Sunshine. Hydrating. Like I said above, I will write a whole post this week on how much this means to me. 

Preparation: I feel like I have so much to do before the plants come back. When the plants come back, my life changes a little bit. So mentally preparing for that shift, and making space for the plants to take over my life again. 

Heart Space: This is not only a weekly intention for me, but I sit at my altar and make the intention of living from my sacred heart space, every single day. As I dive deeper into living from here, life becomes easier, because instead of trying to figure out my future, or next step in my head, I let go of expectations of where I think I need to go, because I have surrendered so deeply into that heart space that I trust in the feelings of that space. So when I know, I know my next step. I feel it in my heart. I trust, I listen, and move in that direction. Also opening the heart, and living from there, the beauty of the world just gets more and more beautiful. I have been brought to tears multiple times in the last few weeks just by the sheer beauty of this world. As my heart opens, I feel as if I can see beyond the mundane, I can see the magic, the perfection of this sacred life we live. But the heart is a muscle, and know it needs a lot of practice. 

Efficient Productivity: I am going to get shit done this week, and conquer some of the to-do's i've been putting off for weeks (tying up loose ends during the mercury retrograde.). 



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