Monday Intentions Thirty Eight | Unknown


Hello Friends! Life has been fast paced for me lately. I have a lot of big changes happening, and moving is one of them. I've been digging up so much. Letting go of so much. De-cluttering. I have lived where I am for just about 4 years. This move is huge, and a metaphor for alot. It's sad, but then I imagine myself staying and it makes me feel worse. That's why I know I need to move on. My heart is definitely heavy as I've truly transformed myself in this house. So many births, so many deaths have happened here. I flutter with excitement as I know everything is getting even BETTER, which is sometimes hard to imagine when things have already been so great. I can feel how intense and amazing 2018 is going to be already. Intense in a different way than 2017 for sure. I am so so so so ready. I am emotional, strong, open, curious, excited, nervous for all that life is about to and is offering me.

In these next few months I will have alot of time alone. I will have alot of time in introspection. Alot of time out of my comfort zone immersed into situations, people, places, and experiences I have never imagined myself in. Whatever Spirit has in store, I trust. That is definitely one thing I have learned this year; To deeply trust in what Spirit is offering... ESPECIALLY if the intentions have been strong and clear. Everything we have been asking for is always on it's way to us. 

Gosh, everything is changing! Do you feel it?       

..with that, here are this weeks theme and intentions. With so much going on, they will be a more condensed version this week:


Unknown: It's okay to not know. We never really do anyways. We can only know in this moment, truly. Like I mentioned above, everything is changing. It's all changing differently for everyone, obviously, but it's all changing. I guess one thing we can always know is that nothing is ever the same. We can know that we don't know. 


Relax and Be Present: Honestly this is one of the most important intentions I have this week. With so much happening I've been getting ahead of myself, but whenever I sit down and breath, and BE right here, I feel so much better. Intending to take that medicine with me throughout the day. 


Remembering: Since I've been so busy lately I haven't been going as deep as I usually do, so this week I hope to spend some extra time in the depths to remember, to remember, to remember. 


Walking: I HAVE had time to go for walks, and have been honestly prioritizing them. Walking and listening to music, and breathing in the fresh, crisp air has been so healing for me lately. It's been the perfect way for me to slow down. 


Nourishment: I have been in a super weird eating pattern lately. Although I've been drinking copious amounts of tea, which is great, I need to definitely add in more fresh fruit, and veg to my diet. And less skipping meals. Usually this isn't a problem, at all haha. I really do notice how much it effect my energy levels though, when I don't eat as much as I need. 


Heartspace: As per usual, heartspace is always something i'm working on. Healing my heart is apart of my daily intentions, and living a more heart-centred life has been one of the biggest lessons and experiences i've had in 2017. 




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Here's a groovy tune i've been vibing to! Enjoy! 

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