Recognizing Old Stories and Saying No to Them


I had a very challenging week last week as I mentioned in this week's intentions. I feel as if I have really broke through and am feeling a lot clearer and more like myself. I was feeling unusually ungrounded and lost the other day and realized one thing I haven't been doing, that is so nourishing for me, is sitting outside in stillness. So out I went, and decided to have a little prayer with Mapacho ( Wild, Aztec or Ceremonial Tobacco) too. The simple act of stillness and listening brought me to my breakthrough. What I realized was that I was feeding an old story this past week. It was so liberating to realize this because I was so deep in my shadows, wallowing in self pity, feeling small, ect.  This isn't the first time this year an old story came up to test me, and I know they will keep coming up, asking for me to rise up, to recognize the old  story and say no. And that's what I did. I said NO, this is not my story anymore, this is not my truth anymore, and I am not feeding these thoughts anymore. I realized the little entity of a story was taking so much of my energy and power, no wonder I wasn't feeling like myself. 

We have the choice to feed stories that empower us, or feed stories that take our power away. We always have the opportunity to Rewrite Our Story and let the old ones go. When we think we've rewritten an old story, and placed a new one in it's place, the universe will bring the old one up, more than once to see if we actually HAVE outgrown the old one. This week I got so caught up in my old story. It took me down, I was literally sucked into it, felt small, and not enough. But when I realized, and finally saw the bigger picture, I was reminded that No, this isn't my story anymore, that No, these thoughts actually aren't my truth, and I will not move forward with this story. I laid down the law. I took my power back. I reminded myself that I AM ENOUGH. 

It is actually wild how our mind can play tricks on us. Believe me, I am not saying to "just think positive." But I am saying Think and Feel Clearly. When we aren't seeing clearly, we can more easily get sucked into ego illusions. When we forget who we are, even momentarily, it's easier to get trapped into the games, and illusions of the mind and ego. 

This is why meditation and stillness is so important. Taking quiet time to tap into the truth of ourself is vital to recognize old stories and thought patterns. When we know our truth, when we can BE in our centre, the illusions are just illusions. They have less power over us. We outgrow the stories because we realize that they are just blocks, they absolutely do not define us. When we take the time to remember who we really are, no one can hold us back, not even our old stories. 

What stories are you holding on to that aren't serving you anymore? What stories are stories from the past that aren't coming from your deepest truth? What stories are feeding your small self? What stories are keeping you held back?

These are the questions I am pondering this week, and rewriting. We ALWAYS have the power to say no to old stories, because really, they aren't truth. They are blocks.