Daily Rituals

A huge part of staying in tune with  personal cycles is having daily rituals that create the space we need for our spirit to be nourished. Rituals are like routines, but more conscious, slightly less structured, and are usually something we enjoy doing, that keeps us in tune. Some rituals look like a morning meditation, or a noon walk, or evening journalling and a bath. Most of us have a few rituals we do every day. If you do not have a daily ritual, try one, and commit to it, and see if it changes how you feel. 

When we commit to these daily rituals, we are saying yes to a part of ourselves that knows the bigger picture, that understands what we can not. We are creating healthy cycles by taking space each day for these rituals to happen. Its easier to stay on track, clear minded and focussed when we have our rituals. They act as daily reminders. We humans forget so easily. We sometimes forget previous life lessons, or wisdom gained months or years ago. This is because like I said yesterday, we wax and wane. We constantly need reminders and practices to stay rooted. Rituals help us stay grounded. A lot of people need routines to feel grounded, but this is not the case if you have a few daily rituals. My groundedness comes from waking up and going to sleep at roughly the same time everyday, from have a morning routine that connects me to spirit right away, and a few recipes that I am always going back to for support. I will be posting tomorrow about my morning routine and how it shifts with the cycles of the earth. 

Shifting up our rituals and routines with the seasons is another way to continue being aligned with the energies that are here. For example in the winter making a ritual to make sure we get outside and snowshoe in order to get some sunshine, or in the summer pencilling in a swim at least four times a week to stay connected to the land around us. Doing this with the intention to stay aligned with the seasons and cycles will be that much powerful, and the Earth will respond with beautiful gratitude and blessings. 

This week we are going to be talking about how rituals turn into habits, and how creating healthy habits can provide us with more energy, insight and love. 

What are your daily rituals that have worked for you, and the ones that haven't? Do you have season rituals too? Let me know in the comments.