Creating Healthy Habits

How are habits different than rituals you may ask? Habits are already interwoven into our lifestyle and things that we don't really have to think about. We just do it. Rituals can BECOME habits. Habits can be positive and they can be negative. It really depends if we've intentionally created a habit, or if it's something "we've always done." 

Creating healthy habits can be a little bit intimidating, especially if we try to create ten new habits at a time, which is basically a waste of time. Creating a true long lasting habit takes effort, inspiration and focus, but also the honest desire to create the habit. If you do not actually WANT to create the habit, you never will. 

It takes about a month to create a habit, so choosing one or two per month (max), instead of a handful at one time is a good option to make sure we stay at it. How bad does it feel to start something and only last a week? This is usually because start everything at once (yoga, healthy eating, journalling, waking up early, ect.) When we shift our lives up so drastically, it is almost like a fantasy to believe that we can really keep up with the immediate changes. I truly believe that baby steps and commitment will create the longest lasting habits.

Everything goes back to intention. Before creating the new habit, we should always ask ourself "Why am I wanting this new habit?" Getting clear on why we want to shift our lives will make us want to do it even more. Reminding ourselves of the reason why keeps us excited and inspired for change. This is a good practice to start the new habit: Each day before you begin the new habit, jot down why. Everyday until it is drilled into your mind. 

I truly believe that every habit we have can be re-wired and shifted, for better or for worse. I believe that if there is something about yourself that you want to change, you can.  I believe that we can create the habit of positive thinking, the habit of gratitude, and the habit of healthy eating as long as we commit, and truly desire it from a pure place.

"We are what we repeatedly do.

Excellence {Sucess}, then, is not an act, but a habit."

~ Will Durant

I added in success because it IS a habit. Successful people have mastered certain habits, and have made commitments to what they desire to be excellent at.  What do you crave to be amazing at? Where could you spend extra attention creating a new habit? One habit I strongly recommend if you don't already do it is Journalling. You'll be surprised what you can teach yourself.