New Moon + Solar Eclipse Sept.12~13th

Get ready for this coming Saturday night and Sunday because the portal is opening, and we are gifted with a doorway into MAJOR transformational energies. The New Moon in Virgo and partial Solar Eclipse make an intense, yet necessary pair. This will be a time of deep purging on all levels. It may seem like a dark cloud is stationed directly in your ever so radiate light of soul, reflecting undeniable truths of shadows aspects of yourself. If we can look straight into this shadow, and work with it, rather than run away and hide, we will cruise through this new moon/eclipse. We are all feeling this, let us make a conscious choice to USE these energies:


“Many people have been speaking to this feeling like life is full on right now and that shit is getting real. That is putting it mildly- and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to harness this energy and make it work for you in your life.

“The potential for karmic completion on a massive level and moving into a new frequency and dimension of evolution in your life is there and yet it is like a seed you have to choose to plant and water with intention and conscious action to make this portal of time work for you." ~Divine Harmony from Mystic Mamma 


Both new moon and eclipses signify beginnings. To end, is to begin, and to begin is to end and sometimes the middle point is hard to decipher. As Lao Tzu puts it:

"New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings"


Heal. Let this happen. It may seem like it hurts, but let us see it as "getting to know ourselves a bit deeper." We don't need to judge what comes up, this is our test to step back, and see it for what it is in actuality. Not what our "little mind" see's it as. You have permission.  

Letting go is the theme, and release is mandatory for our spirits to rise high. As we let go, we make space for a higher version of ourselves to embody. This is a perfect time to do a cleanse or fast to literally make space for the new. My advice is to prioritize time to SEE yourself, see your shadow. Say hello, give love, and say goodbye. <3