Chaga Pumpkin Seed Mylk

I have been a fan of pumpkin seed milk ever since I found out how much water it takes to grow almonds in California. With beautiful Cali in their massive draught Ive decided to let go of my almond mylk love for something a little bit more sustainable.  I now make pumpkin seed mylk religiously. With that being said, I was soaking my seeds yesterday trying to think of a creative and new way to conjure up my frothy drink and it came to me; use my cooled chaga tea instead of water. Ohh Baby!

Chaga is a parasitic mushroom that grows on Birch trees. A rare find, but medicine people all over the world spend countless hours, maybe even years to find these beauties. Most people make into a medicinal herbal Tea. The benefits of chaga are unlimited but here are a few:

~Natural Antioxidant

~Strengthens Immunity

~Helps eliminate cancer cells

~Supports Healthy Digestion

~Healthy Skin Effects

~Alleviates Stress

~Aids in Liver functions

~Strengthens Cardiovascular Health


3 Cups

~ 1.5 Cups of Soaked Pumpkin Seeds

~3 Cups of Cooled Chaga Tea

~Mylk Bag

~High Power Blender

~Mason Jar


Soak Pumpkin Seeds for at least 5 Hours or overnight.

Brew up big pot of chaga tea night before and leave it cooling overnight.

In the morning add 3 Cups of chaga tea, with 1.5 cups of soaked pumpkin seeds to high powered blender and blend for 2 minutes.

Strain through mylk bag into jar.

Easy as that, and you have delicious, medicinal mylk. 

I am a huge fan of Upaya Naturals and that is where I tend to buy most of my nutritious supplies. You can buy pumpkin seeds, blenders, mylk bags, and even chaga here.